If you’re the proud owner of a detached home, a garage or a bungalow, you could be the best placed to sell, new research suggests. Property website Zoopla has analysed the most popular search terms on its site and the word’ detached’ tops the list. It is followed by the terms ‘garage’ and ‘bungalow’, with others that are included in the top 10 list being ‘annex’, ‘freehold’ and ‘garden’. Zoopla looked at search terms on a regional level as well as for the country as a whole. It suggested that those looking for homes in the south west are hoping to snap up a coastal retreat, with ‘sea view’ and cottage’ both making the top 10 search tops for the area. n the south east, the most popular search terms among house hunters include ‘cottage’, ‘acre’ and period’. By contrast, in London – where space is more restricted and house prices tend to be higher – one of the most popular terms searched for is ‘houseboat’, along with ‘help to buy’ and ‘freehold’. Buyers in the north of England and Scotland seem to have a different set of priorities, according to the research. In Yorkshire, the top terms are ‘conservatory’ and ‘land’, while in the north west it is ‘cellar’, and in Scotland, a ‘large kitchen’ is a key priority. Zoopla’s Lawrence Hall said: ‘While location and price are clearly some of the main drivers behind property purchasing decisions, data from our keyword search tool reveals some of the property-related specifics buyers across Britain are looking for.’ It follows similar research published at the end of last year by Zoopla, which found that the term ‘garage’ was the most popular term in 2017, with the word ‘freehold’ entering the top 10 most popular search terms for the first time.

Why are buyers searching for bungalows for sale?

  Sarah Broughton, of buying agency Prime Purchase, said: ‘Many bungalows were built in the 1960s and 1970s so are rather dated and have largely gone out of fashion. ‘It is fascinating to see that people are more interested in them again – perhaps this is down to our ageing population. People prefer to live at home rather than going into care and a bungalow is a practical solution, whereby you can use all of your house, rather than being restricted to living downstairs.’ Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-5834823/Zoopla-reveals-popular-search-terms-people-looking-buy-property.html